Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do I really look alike with many people?or may be just because i look so common that people tend to mix me up with other people...I know that this is a weird question..but recently i heard a few people saying that i look like their friends and one of my mom's frenz even call my mom and ask whether my mom was at X place as she said she saw me there..come on!i m not even stepping out of my house..

Today was a really interesting day for me as i have been mistakenly identified as other people twice a day by two different people..haha..really weird...one even knocked the chair that i was sitting so hard as he thought i was his fren...omg..i was stunned at that moment..dun even know and see the person before..the funniest thing was he dun even know that...He only realised that i was not his fren after i have looked at him for a few seconds... really weird!=.="

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It is august dy..so fast~last few days,i fall sick..sore throat and fever..until now also still have bit of sore throat..The weather is really bad especially the haze..I hate it!!it makes my throat feel worse..Hope that it ll recover soon,really unconfortable..:(
Luckily the fever recovered soon so at least i dun nid to miss classes..thx god!!

I just summited my 1st report this week..really din write report for a long time..A lvl oso din write report..jus fill up the blanks oni..haizz...so it has taken me quite long to prepare the report..Finally got it done in time..Hope that it is ok..xD
Althought it has a long due date for the report bt really duno how to write in the beginning...dun even sure about the format and layout oso n especially the discussion part..it took me the longest time to prepare it..Haizz...duno when i ll get the senior's report oso..almost everyone refer to their seniors' report ler...and oso those notes...i have asked so many times until i dun even want to ask again...i m sure he forgot again..geram nya!!!until i have fin the report myself oso i still haven get his reports...:/
Luckily the 2 practicals in this week dun nid to do individual reports..so at least this weekend can revise my lectures...so many~especially the human bio..so complicated...omg..haizzz....2moro still have to go back to uni to attend the first aid lesson...so troublesome..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I din update my blog for almost a month ady,actually dun really have much things to talk about..haha..cos my holidays are quite boring.But now it is different oredi la cos classes have been started and thus my busy univerisity life is going to start oso..:(Last week was the 1st week of my uni life and nothing much happened,jus have lots of briefings..the dean briefing,library briefing,lab briefing,e-learning briefing n so on...overall,it was quite boring..haha..however,there were oso some orientation programmes and it looked fun(haha,i din join it cos hav to stay back until very late..:p)it actually helped us to meet more friends as well as some seniors which indirectly helped us to adapt to the uni well..xD

This week was my 2nd week n so far everything is fine..the only thing is everyday busy printing those notes for the next day n oso on9 to listen to the lecture..this is IMU's new e-learning system which they want us to prepare ourselves for the lecture before enter the class..this is the new system which has only started this year n involves Bpharm only..but other programmes which share the same modules with us will be having the same system oso..haha..duno whether we r consider lucky or unlucky to have this new system..anyway,i have also start to adapt to it after this 1 week of study..kekez...at least some good signs..>.<

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Finally!!finally i have watched it..yeah!!It has been 2 yrs since the last 1 was shown in the cinema..since the movie of book 3,i will sure watch it everytime it is shown in the cinema..haha..Although i still prefer the book version,the movie is oso great cos can see those casts(Daniel Radcliff,Emma Watson,Rupert Grint,Bonnie Wright..)..However,this movie seems bit complicated if we din read the book..but overall i think it is still ok with the sound effect and the comfortable atmosphere in the cinema..xD This movie also contains some amusing parts especially on Ron..he is really funny..n it also has more romance beside the darker magic world.. The story has involved darker magic in these last few books but this also makes the story more adventurous and exciting...This is the 2nd last ady,hope that the last 1 will b released next year..then can finish it faster...>.<

Besides,i have also saw the poster of the 'New Moon' in the cinema that day...my next target..wakaka...:p

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My new house and the environment..it has been one week since i have shifted to this new house in klang..at first i thought i will need some time to adapt to this new environment but surprisingly it is quite easy to get use to it..maybe because i have to spend the whole day in the house alone so it makes me easier to familiarise myself to this new place..and now i actually like this environment..new and quite as well as those friendly neighbours..this is actually for my parents as i seldom step out of the house..

My Holidays...the time passes so fast,it is july now..n it has been few weeks since i finished my exam n enjoy the holiday,at the meantime waiting for the commencement date of my applied course,13th of july..however,these few days r very boring..spend everyday at home doing nothing...the same routine everyday..online,watching tv,reading books(n now is the most boring 1-the driving 'undang' booklet~oh god!!)bored..bored..bored....it seems like i m just wasting the precious time,not studying.no classes.not learning anything n the brain seems like start to rust..oh no!hope tat i will still know ow to think n solve question or problem when school start..n now i m not regret to apply for the july intake,i cant imagine wat will happen if i choose the jan intake course next year..

My puzzles..this is the 1st time in my life tat i have tried the 1000 pieces puzzles..actually at 1st i decide to do it so tat i can make use of the brain to think..haha..but it seems like not really useful..however,i m quite happy as i have finished it!yeah~hooray...initially my parents keep saying tat i will give up in the half way but i din't..haha...not really useful in training the brain but at least train up my patience la..so,of course not feeling regret..at least i have spent some time trying new things..

My friends...
Mei quin-soli..din tel u at the 1st time when i have shifted..the one who i have knew for almost 15 yrs since my kindergarten...den went to the same primary n secondary skol oso...an independent,tough girl..hope tat our freindship will last forever~really paiseh,always forgot ur blog add..i think i have asked for 3 times...sorry la,my dear friend..but now i remember dy...(www.speak-the-queen.blogspot.com)and i promise i will not forget it again..
Ee Von-one of my best friends in college..although v have only knew each other for 1 n a half yrs but i enjoy the time v have spent together in college,with kah ern n ker xin too...v like to chit chat n gossip..haha..no matter what topics..tat's fun..n now u decide to go to indo to pursue ur dentistry course..5 yrs there..al the best to u there..gambateh in ur studies..i m sure u will become a great dentist..take care,friend~and dont forget to keep in touch with us..
Kah Ern-the cute girl in our class..heard tat u have fall sick n staying in the hospital ler...my poor friend...hope tat u can get well soon...and return to the active kar ernie...haha..ur active character has brought a lot of fun during the school days in college..oh..ya,u should train urself to learn not to stress urself in ur studies...u r scary when all ur stress symptom appear especially during the exam periods..relax,friend..
Hope tat i can still keep in touch with all the friends in kl...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally we are decided to shift to klang after discussing this issue for about 3 yrs,since i was in Form 4 and postponed until now.

However,i actually feel a bit sad to leave my current house and shift to so far..i am sure i will miss lots of things here..my frenz(primary,secondary,college),my auntie and also her delicious dishes...and also all my childhood memories in KL..bla bla bla~

I need to adapt myself to a new housing environment and also later a new uni environment and uni life..All of them are new to me..hope that i manage to adapt to them well..And maybe this will be a good start for me to my new stage of my life!

I want to thank my auntie for taking care of me all these yrs,thank you very much and all the best to u and family~To all my frenz here,good luck to all of you!Keep in touch~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Gathering

Today,i have went out for the whole day again..went to klang in the morning with daddy to move something to the new house and then went back KL jus after tat to meet my secondary school frenz in Pavilion..Quin,Marilyn,Y.Hwan,Y.Mei,S.Yee,S.Kiat,K.Wai n J.Yan..It is organised by MQ to gather us together as well as celebrate YM b'day..It has been almost half a year since I last saw them..
We have our lunch in a Japanese restaurant (bt din eat since i hav taken brunch),then we watched a movie-Terminator Salvation.Actually i dun really like those science n tech movie bt overall it is still ok for me..Initially i thought i will feel sleepy during the movie but luckily not at all..haha
After the movie,we went for a drink again as some of them wan to go back later..We then chit chat for almost an hour again..talking tis n tat...
Quin,my best fren n we hav knew each other for almost 15 yrs since we r in the same kindergarten,den the same primary n secondary school...it is a long time friendship..although we r not in the same college,i hope tat we will still keep in touch n maintain our friendship forever~of course with all the others too..And i hope tat everyone can achieve their goal n ambitions.....
Lastly,Happy Birthday,Yuin Mei!!

Angel and Demons

I m really tired today,spend the whole day in KLCC..n i think tis is the day tat i have spent the longest time there..shopping,eating n watching movie..I need to thank my mommy cos she has accompanied me for the whole day..muakss..
I understand tat she want me to enjoy n relax for tis whole day after my exam n especially the poor paper on mon..i really appreciate that n again thx~It has been a long time since i last went for shopping..
I like the movie i watched 2day-Angel n Demons.I knew tat tis is not a new movie as it has been showed for nearly 1 month n i hav actually waited for 1 month too!!It is bcos i m busy preparing for my exam when it was started to show in cinemas.
Actually i was choosing btw it n 17 Again when buying the tickets bt i ended up choosing tis..i hav no regret..haha
I have read its novel before n i think it is better compared to the Da Vinci Code.It is more exciting..The story bout the co-existence of the religion n science,the ambigrams,the Catholic churches in Vatican City(wat a great city with so many churches n the historical buildings!),the great symbologist/professor n the intelligent as well as pretty scientist.A story with mystery and adventure.......Nice!
And now my next target is the Harry Potter n the Half Blood Prince in Jul n the New Moon in Nov(tat is wat i heard from my fren)!!Cant wait to watch both of the movies...