Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do I really look alike with many people?or may be just because i look so common that people tend to mix me up with other people...I know that this is a weird question..but recently i heard a few people saying that i look like their friends and one of my mom's frenz even call my mom and ask whether my mom was at X place as she said she saw me there..come on!i m not even stepping out of my house..

Today was a really interesting day for me as i have been mistakenly identified as other people twice a day by two different people..haha..really weird...one even knocked the chair that i was sitting so hard as he thought i was his fren...omg..i was stunned at that moment..dun even know and see the person before..the funniest thing was he dun even know that...He only realised that i was not his fren after i have looked at him for a few seconds... really weird!=.="


mei quin said...

oo?? is a "HE"?? FUIYOHHH.. aiya, jz make some frens ni.. nowadays still got ppl use this lame reason to know new friend one mie?? LOL. anyway, im sure i wont recognize the wrong wei ern. hahahahahaha!!!

Serene said...

haha! how are you girl? long time no see!